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Jane Davidson RVN veterinary-nurses

One of the great things about being an RVN is the opportunity to work abroad. Of course, there are lots of ‘gap year’ style animal welfare opportunities abroad. However, it helps hugely that with our RVN status that we have a world-renowned qualification – which opens up a lot of doors!


If you want to go for a veterinary focussed trip then there are a few options. You can head to many different countries and work with many different species.


A number of organisations across the globe specify RVN status for their roles. Including the Moon Bears.


BVNA has links with organisations that have information on trips. There are great tips on working in a number of other countries – including the USA. There are also contact details for a number of veterinary agencies in a great variety of countries. A fabulous resource!


If you’re planning on heading out on your own and not as part of an organised trip then the BVA has a brilliant section of their website that can help. It contains advice on what to look for in overseas roles and what to expect in contracts. It also drovers important information on health and safety and carrying medicines abroad. This might seem boring but it’s essential to know about this stuff to have a safe and successful trip.


For a variety of vet and vet nurse trips, there is the great Worldwide Veterinary Service. (WVS) They are experienced and knowledgeable and work with great charities to support animal welfare programmes across the world. There are also opportunities to volunteer on some of WVS’ own animal welfare projects too!


Do you fancy increasing animal welfare and helping people too? Then WVS works with Mission Rabies in five countries. Implementing a vaccination scheme that’s proven to reduce deaths from rabies. The stats are crazy about this disease. It kills so many people daily, mainly children. It’s preventable. Its prevention improves animal welfare. What’s not to love about being part of this?


However, I’m sure we can all think of a number of reasons why we can’t go. With number 1 probably being ‘how can I afford it?’. While I’ve written about finance for vet nurses before I hadn’t considered the financial impact of planning a try like this!


But other than getting funding or raising money, how can you fund a trip?


I voiced this to my lovely team at recruit4vets. They know lots of RVNs plan to travel and want to help.


Locuming for £14 per hour over 3 month you can earn £5000!

That’s not including anything extra you could earn for OOH work! Think Bank Holidays, Christmas, night shifts.


Even with my expensive habits, I could save something for a little trip.


One final word. It’s a note of caution. The rise of scam volunteer trips is noted in many sectors and animal welfare trips are included. The trip organisers mentioned in this blog are real. I know people who have been on their trips. They can answer all the red flag questions in this article and more!


Want to know more about locum work and what you could earn? Call our team on 01423 701 321 or email us!

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