Feel it’s time for a pay rise?


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We believe fair pay shouldn’t be a benefit!


Earlier this year we surveyed Veterinary surgeons and Veterinary nurses throughout the UK….the results were very interesting….


Did you know that 13% of the nurses who completed the survey are still being paid under £15,000!


40% are paid between £16,000-£20,000

39% are paid between £21,000-£25,000

and 8% are paid above £26,000 per annum


As a veterinary nurse you are in very high demand and there are excellent practices currently recruiting! As veterinary nurses you all work incredibly hard and do an amazing job. A job which comes with its own unique, often emotional challenges as well as fantastic rewards when you see a patient recover.


In the past 12 months 67% of nurses said the demand for their services has increased!!


Luckily Veterinary Nursing salaries are on the rise 

We understand your motivation isn’t money but you are professionals and should be rewarded fairly for all the hard work you do!


If you would like to find out more information about what salary band you should be in and if you are due a pay rise please call me on 01423 701 321 or email me for a 100% confidential chat.

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