2017 VN Council Elections


Jane Davidson RVN veterinary-nurses

It’s January. Traditionally a long dark and impoverished month. Where we atone for our festive excesses by dieting and not spending and planning all the ways we will change our life for the better.


This sounds a bit samey. There will be adverts for diets, gyms, and celebrity fitness DVDs. There will be the post Christmassickly puppies leaving an emotional impact on all who treat them.

Maybe we could do something different this January?

And when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘you’… and more than one of you – in fact, the more people the merrier.


Because the end of January is the deadline for VN Council candidate submissions.


Could you put this month to good use? Could you be joining VN Council later this year? Consider what you could do for yourself and the profession?


Because joining Council isn’t just benefitting the VN community, it benefits you! You learn new skills, meet new people. You have input into where the VN world is going.


This great RCVS video helps show you what Council is like.


It’s important to note they say EVERYONE has something to bring. VN Council isn’t just for those in VN education or those with multiple post nominals. It’s for any RVN who wants to help the future of our profession, our community, our world.


With apologies to the National Lottery – it really could be you. If you’re reading this it’s because you’re interested in the VN world. You’re looking for information, views, and opinions. And you already have your own. While joining VN Council doesn’t mean you single handily run the RCVS it does mean you meet other community focussed people and your opinions are listened to.


There are two places on Council that come up each year. There is no limit to the number of candidates who stand and you have as fair a chance of success as anyone. You need to write a manifesto and record a short video so people know your reasons for standing and what you hope to bring to the role. The RCVS offer guidance on writing and recording so you have some help! You will also need two RVNs to support your candidacy – make sure your friends or colleagues have renewed their registration! There’s all the information you need here.


So this January instead of the usual New Year resolutions perhaps consider taking on a different challenge.

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