Introducing Ben Brett


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We are delighted to announce that Ben Brett has joined the board at Recruit4vets. With 30 years’ experience in business predominantly at the leading edge of recruitment and staffing, Ben brings so much to our business and to the Veterinary Industry as a whole.


Ben joining Recruit4vets and serving the Veterinary Industry, comes from a combination of factors; he has a love of animals, was weaned on James Herriot and has a background in business transformation. Ben has been growing businesses from start up to multisite groups for many years. Last year Ben had a chance encounter with Ella Snowball Recruit4vets CEO, which has led to him to join the Recruit4vets board.

Ben says ‘The more I looked in to it the more I could see where to bring value.  We need to harness the chaos of huge demand for clinical staff in a relatively complex market.’


Recruit4vets currently has over 700 live vacancies.


The first step we’re taking is to listen to our customers; vets, nurses and practices to understand what they want.


Simultaneously we are changing our mindset and becoming a Veterinary Services Company whose service happens to be recruitment rather than a recruitment agency.


Starting on a journey with forward thinking clients to extending recruitment to Talent Services to reduce recruitment spend and secure a higher return on their investment.  This involves a huge mindset shift for our clients and for our staff at Recruit4vets and we are very excited to see what 2017 and beyond has to bring.


Connect with Ben on LinkedIn to see how we can help you and your recruitment needs.


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