25 reasons why it’s better to use an agency than go direct

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25 reasons why it’s better to use an agency than go direct

When looking for a new role, would you rather go directly to a practice or use an agency? The majority of people we work with would say the latter, but I do feel recruitment agencies don’t get thought about enough if you have never actually used one. There are so many benefits to using an agency when searching for the perfect role, we here at Recruit4vets have worked with practices around the UK and candidates for over 14 years, so we have the advantages of knowing where is good to work and sometimes, where you should avoid as well as many other things. I have listed below our top 25 reasons why it’s better to use an agency than going direct.

  1. We are trained to negotiate salaries
  2. CPD allowance if working through us
  3. Support
  4. Knowledge on practices around the UK
  5. FREE service
  6. We can work anonymously
  7. Dedicated consultant working just for you
  8. Resolve any issues on your behalf
  9. Large organic database to choose vacancies from quickly
  10. Locum’s get weekly pay direct from us
  11. Stability
  12. Flexible with start dates
  13. Flexible working
  14. We can get locums lined up with their next role
  15. Quicker interview feedback
  16. We already know the best clients to work for
  17. Client accountability
  18. We can negotiate better hours/holiday allowance
  19. Over 300 new jobs added each month
  20. First to know about new jobs
  21. We work closely with the majority of practices across the UK
  22. We can have all the awkward conversations with practices!
  23. Regular contact with you and the practices
  24. Can approach specific practices on your behalf
  25. Access to vacancies before they are advertised

If you would like to discuss a potential career change, 100% confidentially, give our team a call on 01423 701 321 or email us here.


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