The Myths & Legends of ‘Black Cats’

Black cat with white background

Andrew Turner Veterinary Surgeon, veterinary-nurses

Black Cats

Often synonymous with fear and irrational superstition, Black Cats are a misunderstood creature of dark beauty. In folklore, it was proclaimed that Witches were accompanied by Black Cats, which probably explains where their odd reputation originates from.

Here are 4 interesting facts that you may not have known about this elusive feline:


Black Cats Culture

In some cultures, Black Cats are supposedly good luck. Places like Japan; in fact, most of Asia believe that these fury mammals will bring you good fortune. More specifically, a woman in Japan is more likely to find a partner if they own one.

“Rusty” coats  

Obviously, a cat can’t rust; don’t worry! However, depending on the furs’ hue and patterns, exposure to the sun can reveal “rusty” undertones. It’s all in the genes!

Disease resistant 

The gene that provides the cat with the charcoal mane, is the same gene that is known to give humans a resistance to diseases such as HIV. So, it turns out Black Cats are tough fur-balls after all!

Yellow eyes

These cats have an excess amount of melanin, which makes their irises yellow/golden. Melanism is what makes their fur black and is essentially the opposite of Albinism.

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