Achieving CPD as a locum

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Achieving CPD as a locum


There are many positives to being a locum. 

There is the flexibility to work where and when you want. With RVNs in demand in the UK, it means a locum life can take you anywhere. I’ve used this to try out practices I thought I might like to work in and even spent a couple of weeks in a very sweet practice by the sea. Because it was by the sea.


Are there any negatives to being a locum? 

I don’t think so but one issue is making sure you can achieve your 15 hours a year CPD so you can stay on the register. When in permanent practice you get opportunities to get free CPD. With lunch and learn and staff training taking place. Sometimes when you locum you hit spells where you miss these sessions. I’ve also found places where the locum will cover to allow permanent staff to attend CPD. Which is absolutely fine, as a locum you are taking responsibility for your own career, but you need to consider how to get your hours for a reasonable cost.


There are a number of free courses available. In fact enough to cover your 45 hours over three years. A simple Google of ‘free vet nurse cpd’ brings up a list of companies and webinar offerings. Then you can head down the industry route with companies as diverse as Dechra and Natures Menu offering free CPD. The joy of the Internet means you can access these at your leisure.


This is great. We can work where we like and when we like, within reason. We can access CPD on our phones while we lie on the sofa. The only problem is you have to choose from what is on offer. While the choice is huge it doesn’t cover everything and it may not be as in-depth as you want.


At some point you’ll find a course you want to pay for. Something that motivates you and captures your nursing dreams. But how do you fund it?


When locuming you can cover the shifts that pay more. Nights, bank holidays, weekends. Recruit4vets collated some interesting figures for another blog that said you can make £5000 over 3 months at £14ph. There are also places where you can earn more than that, especially as an experienced RVN.


Recruit4vets also offer a great CPD incentive. For each day you locum through Recruit4vets, you receive £5 per day towards your CPD. Once you have collated enough CPD for a course, you can use your recruit4vets CPD allowance to cover up to 50% of the cost of any course with Central CPD/Vet CPD. Once you have decided what you want to do contact Recruit4vets and redeem your CPD voucher. Simple.


Check out the courses available here.


There are theory and practical courses and I like the look of some feline behaviour or a bit of anaesthesia.


If this is for you, you create an account on the Central CPD website and input your voucher code number, but you must locum through Recruit4vets to gain your free CPD allowance.  This will store all your information and allow you to look at the courses they have coming up, how much of the allowance you have used and invoices for the courses. The account will also store the CPD allowance you have left so you can always monitor how much is available to use.

Central CPD also offer FREE CPD webinars! I have included the links for these below.

Hypoadrenocorticism with Fiona Adam from North Downs Referral

The Cat-Friendly Hospital with Martha Cannon from The Oxford Cat Clinic


A pretty comprehensive way to fund, explore and monitor your CPD plans.


Make 2017 a year to learn!


Contact Recruit4vets on 01423 701 321 or email to discuss FREE CPD!

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