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It's BVNA Congress time!

At this time of year, we probably need to start thinking about making sure our CPD is up to date… you’ll need to sign that disclaimer soon for your RCVS registration to say that you’re abiding by the RCVS rules, 15 hrs per year or 45 over 3 years. The choice is yours.

If you haven’t had any ideas leaping up at you, let me guide you over to the British Veterinary Nursing Associations (BVNA) Congress in October. Not just because I will be there and I’d love to meet some of you… but because this year includes some fab talks and workshops. You could easily get your annual 15 hours complete in one weekend.


So, what's on?

Here are my daily highlights... 


I think the ethical practice in SA hydrotherapy doesn’t just coincide with my blog topic for this month but is an important aspect of welfare. 



I’m torn between two lectures on Saturday, both are first thing at 9am – I’d better be up early!

Carloynne Crowe and “Coaching and mentoring staff” will be very useful, but I also feel I need to find out more about One Health and Matt Barnard is asking “One Health – How does it affect me?”



Luckily no dilemma today, but still two choices for the highlight of the day. At 2.30pm we have “Animals in Advertising”. There definitely seems a link between the number of pictures of brachycephalic breeds in the media and the number owned by the public. Is your practice guilty of this? Do you use Pugs in adverts because you know they are popular? What harm could you be doing?

Straight after this, I’ll be heading to “Managing feline osteoarthritis: home care bundles”. As a lover of old pets, I want to make sure I know as much as possible about keeping them comfortable.

There are two big social events this year. The Saturday night event is Denim and Diamonds themed so get working on your outfits! Friday night has a student supported event with BAVNS hosting a quiz night with animal themed fancy dress! Get teams sorted and try to cover all bases, equine, exotics and more!

I’m also looking forward to seeing the clinical abstracts. This allows fellow vet nurses to show their work in reviewing practice, clinical developments and educational research and advances. 

If you’ve not seen academic poster presentations before or are interested in submitting one next year then do go and see them and ask questions.


There’s still more… The commercial exhibition, the workshops, seeing people you haven’t seen in ages…  I’ll see you there!



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