Choosing Your Postgraduate Path

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New Graduate

Having graduated from University, bringing years of arduous study to an end, you might be forgiven for assuming an immediate job will follow.


Graduation is the start of the next chapter, which can seem uncertain. Veterinary are in high demand so armed with the right information, finding work shouldn’t be too difficult.


Although the horizon may seem cloudy, with no clear path to follow, there are actually a number of alternatives open to you.


Choose your path and see it out with complete conviction.


Use your University – if you decide you want to venture straight into employment after graduating, the first thing you should do is see how your university can help. Just because you’ve graduated does not mean you can’t take advantage of their vast knowledge and resources. You could speak to a lecturer for advice; pick their brains about how they started in the profession. Alternatively, most Veterinary Universities now have a dedicated careers department who will most likely have a profile of you, which will help them give you more personalised advice.


Make your voice heard – in today’s world, we all have the huge advantage of social media. When looking for a job, you need to maximise your presence as much as you can. Being active on social media platforms, especially Twitter and LinkedIn will increase the chances of an employer noticing you. However, it’s also about how you use these platforms, which you can read about here. LinkedIn also provides job alerts for relevant jobs dependant on your skills and experience. Social media can be a great tool to help you on the way to getting a job.


Don’t do the dirty work – Having spent so long getting qualified, you don’t want to spend hours wading through streams of job sites. It can pay to sign up to a respected recruitment agency, and sit back while the opportunities role in (we have a blog on picking the right recruitment agency). A good recruitment agency will work hard to get to know you as an individual so that they can offer several jobs ideal for your requirements.


Take a break – you might decide that work just isn’t what you want right now. That’s fine; your degree is there to stay! In previous generations, there was a stigma around travelling. Some thought it looked bad on a CV if you’d spent a prolonged period out of work. Today, employers recognise the benefits of expanding your mind by learning new skills and having life experience. It demonstrates to an employer that you have key skills such as self-sufficiency and planning. Moreover, you could always decide to work whilst travelling. There are plenty of opportunities for prospective vets to travel with work, adding more experience to your CV whilst enjoying the original benefits of travelling. Charity neutering is a viable option and shows your love and dedication to the profession.


It may seem daunting now, but rest assured that there are plenty of options available to you. Don’t lose your personal targets and keep an end goal in sight. If you need any additional help, support, or guidance, contact our team at Recruit4vets on 01423 701 321 or email us.  

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