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For most of us, the day starts at 08:30 am; some of our seniors benefit from flexi-time so they can come in a little later (great for the morning after the night before!). Our team is made up of recruiters, administrators, marketers, and managers.

We start the day with typical jobs such as replying to any emails we received overnight, attending to any urgent phone calls as well as a team ‘brainstorming’ meeting to help with any ideas or suggestions for the day.

(Consultant, Camilla)

On Mondays, we get a fruit delivered to the office, thanks to Roots & Fruits, Harrogate which doesn't last very long with our team!

The meeting room is put into use regularly whether it be full team meetings or '1-2-1s'. Each Friday, our managers have one-to-one meetings with everyone individually, during which the week is discussed, plans for next week, targets and any issues anyone may have with their workload. 

 (Manager Jim with Recruitment Consultant James in his 1-2-1)(Permanent Team Meeting)    

(Consultants, Jen and John)                                                                                                                                                                                                   

We have 20 recruiters and support staff here at our Head Office in Harrogate, we have Recruitment Consultants, Senior Recruitment Consultants, Associate & Principal Consultants. Our senior team is ‘buddied’ up with new recruits to offer a helping hand with anything they should need.


Our Director, Ella Snowball, is a qualified NLP Practitioner, so we always strive for positivity! In fact, we each have a ‘Dream board’ on our desks, which we use magazines and newspaper to pin up everything we want to achieve over the next 3 years, whether it is to become fitter, to have a new home, a new car or even a feeling you may want to have! As well as dream boards, every 12 weeks we all complete ’90-day plans’ which are written in the present (12 weeks’ time) and include all of our achievements, both personal and professional, we do this, so we can read them back in 12 weeks’ time and see how much we have all succeeded!

We have a very productive recruitment team, who spend most of their morning looking after their candidates, matching them to some of the best roles and discussing with practices their recruitment needs.


Our Marketing teams’ day is different every day! Our Marketing team runs regular campaigns to help our audience with their career, as well as help practices with their recruitment. Our campaigns are anything from Careers Guides, helpful tips dedicated to Vets, RVNs & Practices to Salary Surveys and Competitions which are published across a range of platforms including e-campaigns, social media, and industry publications.


You can see our whole team here.

Lunches are normally action-packed, with a few either crowded round the pool table or grabbing a bite to eat and relaxing on our sofa watching loose women! (Don’t tell anyone!)

On certain days, there are activities on offer at lunchtime as an incentive to staff, all provided by Recruit4vets.

Tuesday: Yoga by qualified instructor, Sarah Byrne

Wednesday: Personal Training Session with a qualified instructor at The Fitness Rooms, Harrogate

Thursday: Spinning at LEAR Fitness, Harrogate

Lunches finish around 2 pm where everyone is now re-fuelled and ready for another busy afternoon! (ready with a coffee in hand, of course!) 

Like the morning, our recruiters’ day is filled with phone calls, emails and research to help both practices and candidates find either the perfect role for them or the perfect new team member!

We have a dedicated locum team and a dedicated permanent team, so their daily roles differ depending on the practice and candidate’s specific requirements.

Although our official day finishes at 5:30pm, many of our consultants stay after hours to ensure they are doing the very best for their candidates, many of our candidates prefer out of hours calls so our dedicated team will either stay late to accommodate this or provide their mobile numbers. Some of our candidates prefer texting which is no problem either!

Hopefully, we have given an insight into a day in the life of our busy office, however, every day in here is different; one thing for sure is we are dedicated to providing the best service as well as having the best working environment.

If you are interested in joining our team, click here!

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