Getting our Furrrrends Festive – Part 2.


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Welcome to Part Two of Christmas gifts for your pets!


Last time I told you how Mariah Carey makes me feel festive and how it became Wilsons song. Channelling Wilson I’ve been looking at useful and frivolous gifts for your pets for Christmas:




I’ve put the next gift under ‘useful’ but they are also practical, can be frivolous AND are loved by most pets. Treat dispensers now come in many shapes and sizes but all provide a way for your pet to get physical and mental stimulation, maybe lose a little weight and they can help in programmes to reduce anxiety.


Treatballs work well for cats and smaller dogs – don’t tell Hollie but her treatball is a cat one! 

Dog treat balls can be very easy for many dogs and the game is over far too quickly. To add another level try the timed treat dispenser version – you can set the treat size, how difficult it is and how often a treat appears – making sure your dog gets the most fun from the calories.


Rabbits can also benefit from working for their food. Cat treat balls can work too but there are some great rabbit ones – that allow for a greater variation in the size of food it dispenses.


I’ve put this under ‘useful’ as they aren’t essential for owing a pet, and being able to watch your pet from work might be distracting BUT home cameras can help in several ways. 


You can check on your pet’s activity to see if they display signs of stress – helpful for behavioural therapy. You can often speak to your pet via the camera, so you can chat to them or tell them to get off the sofa! Hollie gets frightened hearing me on FaceTime when she knows I’m not there, so I don’t think I’ll be using that feature, but I would like to see what she does when we’re not there.


The home camera can also provide security – and for outdoor pets an added way to watch them without going outside. This is good if you have moved your bunnies to the shed or garage for the winter but still want to be able to see them.


There are many different versions but the one I like the most at the moment is Petcube as it allows you to buy options to interact and play – including a laser toy and also a treat dispensing version.


These aren’t an excuse to not stay at home with your pet, but they provide another way to entertain them when you are out. Especially with laser toys make sure your cat sometimes gets their hunting reward.



The vet world can be divided on dressing up your pets, but as my blog earlier this year showed – many of us vet nurses find there is a practical element to it. As it’s Christmas I’ve headed over to the more fun outfits. You can’t avoid the adverts for matching human and dog pyjamas this year so that has to be my frivolous pick! Who wouldn’t want to settle down to snuggle with their best friend in matching tartan pjs! 


I’ve put my final choice under Frivolous but I can see that it could easily be under Useful and maybe it’s a little big to be Practical, but you know your cat or rabbit would love this! Its feline friendly interpretation of Tower Bridge! You can use each piece on its own or create your own castle, but I think this layout works well and who wouldn’t want to see their pet on the top of such an iconic landmark on December 25th?


With this blog it’s the end of another year. Thanks to everyone for reading and we look forward to sharing 2018 with you all.

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