Grammy Losers Handed Consolation Pups


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Puppy prizes. The Grammys seemed to sink to a new moral low this week, as the losers were handed puppies as a consolation.

Does this raise the wider issue of celebrities endorsing designer dog breeds?

From Paris Hilton to Lady Gaga; celebrities make a point of endorsing their small designer dogs on the screen. The outbreak of shows following a certain celebrities’ life makes it impossible to avoid seeing their ‘designer dogs’.

Reality stars and celebrities hold a unique position of power in our society. 

Designer breeds such as ‘Pugs’ and ‘French Bulldogs’ are controversial to say the least with vets citing health issues with flat faced breeds

The most recent controversial event occurred at the Grammys this year. The annual awards handed out pug-cross breed puppies to the losers of the awards. Should animals ever be given out in such circumstances? What message does this send about animal rights and other associated issues? An awards show, with loud audiences and bright flashing lights, isn’t exactly the natural habitat of a dog; least of all a puppy. 

The celebrity world holds huge sway over public opinion and has even more influence over younger audiences. With that in mind, how can the Grammys justify handing out puppies as a consolation prize, objectifying dogs in the process?

We’d love to hear all your thoughts on this topic!  

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