The vet nurse blogging journey for R4V – 3 years of joy!


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The vet nurse blogging journey for R4V – 3 years of joy!

The average person stays in a job for between 4-5 years according to a recent report in the BBC (read it here) where they cite Peter Capaldi’s stint as Dr Who of 4 years as being pretty typical, not just for a Time Lord.

The reason I’m interested in this is that I have a habit of changing jobs regularly and as we approach January many people will be looking at new roles. I’ve taken this seasonal tradition to look at what has happened over the last 3 years with Recruit4Vet.

During this time apparently I’ve written the most popular blogs of 2016 and 2017 for R4V! How amazing! There are some pretty big names blogging for this company so to have the vet nurse focussed blogs as top is just wonderful and a sure sign our community grows every day.

In 2016 it was my blog on the myths about degree nurses that was most popular – find it here. As a vet nurse who has taught and supported students on degree and diploma nurses I find the assumptions about people trained via the two options baseless and not helpful in the wider community.

I was so pleased to find out that so many people had read it and the comments across social media were hugely positive - it really showed the vet nurse love that’s out there.

In 2017 the top blog was OSCE myths – how to cope better with these important exams when a lot of what you hear isn’t strictly true…click here and also how to work through your NPL which is good to use in conjunction with OSCE prep.

We wait to see 2018s results…

Over the 3 years we have kept mainly to a recruitment/workplace theme and I have had the opportunity to explore many interesting areas including:

And so many more! When I was first approached to write for R4V I didn’t think it would work out. I’m a bit sceptical of recruitment agencies as have seen so many place a ‘vet nurse’ that’s ‘experienced’ when they are not an RVN and the problems this causes in practices is just not even worth writing about. Therefore my first question was ‘do you place student nurses or care assistants and how do you do that?’ and I fully expected to get an answer unsatisfactory to me so I wouldn’t be writing for them. When they answer came back that they only place RVNs I was a little taken aback, but impressed and so we started working together and the rest is history, but can all still be found on the R4V website – just click on blog and find out the full story of me starting to blog for R4V here.

Vet nursing has changed so much in this time and so has blogging. When I started out 7 years ago it was a marginal ‘thing’ that some people did in their spare time. Now blogs are a main stream content creation resource and there are amazing people out there blogging on all sorts of different subjects. There’s a whole community out there and there’s a space for everyone. As I finish up this blog I’m super pleased to announce that I have been nominated for the UK Blogger of the Year Award for 2019! I’m nominated in 3 categories and you get a vote in each category!

  • Nature and wildlife
  • Vlogger
  • Well being

Head here to vote (please!)

Sometimes a little period of reflection is a good thing so thanks to R4V and here’s to 2019 – be happy, be safe and know that you’re part of something amazing everyday – you’re a Vet Nurse.

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