Candidates Testimonials

  • When I was looking for new job I worked with Paddy from Recruit4vets. I had many doubts if I will be able to find anything because of my little experience in the UK, but Paddy changed my way of thinking and helped build up confidence while looking through the offers. I really enjoyed working with the agency, as I was provided with so much support and frequent catch ups. I had 2 interviews with employers in my desired area and both of them were fully successful, they met my expectations and I was offered a job in both cases so I could chose the offer which suited me better. I honestly think that my new job is a great opportunity for me to learn and develop in the direction I want. Thank you so much!!!

    Paulina Veterinary Surgeon
  • I contacted Recruit4vets who I used in the past when I was looking for a new practice. Catherine replied promptly and dealt with my application very efficiently indeed. Catherine was not only helpful but offered me options and submitted applications on my behalf. I have found that this has reduced the burden and the stress to a minimum and allowed the process to take place very smoothly. When I found some difficulties in sending an application form she was there, very quickly, to offer solutions! I found her both efficient and incredibly friendly and helpful.

    Nathan Veterinary Surgeon
  • Karl was extremely helpful, friendly and attentive right from the start. I had never used a recruitment service before and I was both skeptical and intrigued. Now, it's a service I highly recommend as it helped me to secure several interviews, using the requirements I had provided him, in a short space of time. A benefit to this service I felt was invaluable was the communication Karl did on my behalf; due to being deaf, I'm not confident on the phone so he was able to relay all the information between me and the practices. Karl has also been on hand for advice on accepting jobs as I was facing a big move to London from Glasgow. I appreciated his thoughts from a professional, unbiased standpoint. I will definitely be using this service and hopefully Karl, in the future.

    Meghan Durno Veterinary Nurse
  • As a first-time locum seeking veterinary work in the UK, I was very fortunate to work with Paddy at Recruit4Vets. Paddy was friendly and approachable with an excellent knowledge of the industry. He was considerate and proficient, finding me a great practice that suited my expectations very quickly. Paddy made me feel valued and supported, and would always advocate on my behalf. He would regularly check-in to ensure I was happy wherever I was working at the time. Paddy was always available to talk and to adapt to my changing situation. When it came time to finding a permanent job, Paddy organised a meeting with my prospective employer and was very helpful in negotiating terms of contract and giving advice about pay. My experience with Paddy and the team at Recruit4vets has been excellent. I highly value their dedication and support and would certainly recommend them to others

    Anna Veterinary Surgeon
  • I’ve been working as a locum for over two years, both in the UK and Australia. Tom Morgan is by far, the best recruitment consultant I have ever dealt with. He has always listened to what I wanted, and without fail, has managed to come up with very suitable positions. He has been very friendly, helpful and extremely efficient in all of his dealings; efficiency being one of the most key factors in this line of work. He has also always gone out of his way to help when I’ve been late handing in timesheets! Overall I highly recommend Recruit4vets as an excellent agency to deal with; professional, friendly, and efficient and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all of your help!

    Rachel Groarke Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon
  • Sue is a very keen consultant. She kept supporting me and she followed my requests, saving valuable time in my search for a new job. She committed entirely during our 'work relationship'. I would describe her also as a bright and very friendly woman. I was completely relaxed and actually happy to receive her phone calls

    Valentina Morano Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon
  • I decided to give up my permanent vet nursing position and become a locum for a variety of reasons. I wanted to gain more control of my career, freshen up my skills and have the excitement of seeing how different practices work. Karl of Recruit4vets made my transition from a permanent full timer to a professional locum occur smoothly. I initially thought this would be a mine field, what with having to arrange my finances and source work. However, Karl recommended a superb Umbrella company that ensures all the important tax issues are dealt with and that I am paid quickly and efficiently (without the headaches!). Recruit4vets always keeps me regularly informed of upcoming positions, so there is no need to worry about any lack of work. They also listen to my work requirements and touch base with me to make sure everything is ok which is important (and it makes me feel appreciated too)

    Emma Daw Locum Veterinary Nurse
  • When looking for my new job, I applied through a couple of online recruitment agencies. Recruit 4 vets where the only company that where helpful. From quick responses, to sending me through new jobs that fit my needs for the job I was looking. Sarah was the lady who dealt with me. She kept in regular contact from send my CVs all the way through to starting my new job. She was also flexible on types of communication as the hours I worked didn't always mean I could speak on a phone. So email and text where perfect. I have already recommended this company to friends and heavens forbid I change my job, I will use it again.

    Laura Williams Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • I have found the services from Recruit4vets and Sarah Abbott to be of great help when searching for work within veterinary nursing. As a newly qualified degree nurse it can be challenging to find opportunities within the profession. I am currently working at The Croft Veterinary Clinic (found through Sarah Abbott). I thoroughly enjoy my new job and would highly recommend this service to find the appropriate position to suit a veterinary professional. Sarah has professional attitude and friendly manner that helped to give me confidence when looking for work and has given me the confidence to contact her with any queries or problems that I may have in relation to veterinary work.

    Lorna Mothershaw Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • When I spotted a post on Facebook by Paddy detailing a position available, I decided to apply. Within 30 minutes I had a reply and 8 hours later an interview for the same job. I was kept completely informed about all updates even though I was not in the country before I was offered the position. As a new graduate, I had little knowledge about applying for jobs but this company took all of that stress away. I am thankful for all of their help and support which helped me to obtain my dream job.

    Anonymous Newly Graduated RVN
  • Harriet, thank you so much for all your help and support and advice - I will recommend you to all my friends if they`ll be willing to get a new job. I think you are amazing in what you do. Oh, I`ve received a little present from Recruit4vets as well, this was such a nice surprise! Thank you so much!

    Kalina Zielinska Veterinary Surgeon
  • Myself and my husband having been locumming in the UK for the past 3 years through recruit4vets. Maxine has been great every step of the way, never failing to find us a suitable position. She has always been very efficient and made sure to find us the most suitable of roles. The process was always very smooth and Maxine was always pleasant to deal with! Thanks to all at recruit4vets and especially to Maxine for all of your help!

    Kayleigh Veterinary Surgeon
  • It was a pleasure working with James. He is devoted to his job and his implication in the process was 100%. He was available at all times to answer questions, to offer advice and support as well.

    James was able to find me a position in only a week, which I didn’t expect to happen that fast.

    I am very happy with the experience and I would recommend James to all my friends to help them find their dream job.

    Bogdan Lupu Veterinary Surgeon
  • The past couple weeks I have been dealing with Gabrielle Dawson regarding a veterinary nursing vacancy. This has been my first dealing with a recruitment agency and I feel it's important to recognise when a fantastic service has been delivered and Gabrielle did just that. 

    Gabrielle found a suitable position for myself after listening to what hours I wanted and what I wanted in a practice. She sorted out an interview and discussed salary with the practice before hand as I wouldn't of felt comfortable discussing money so this alone made things easier. 

    I was kept informed and up to date with the progress and above all she was extremely supportive which meant a lot to me. When ever I needed to talk Gabrielle listened and provided answers or just reassurance. Nothing ever seemed to big or too small. 

    With dealing with Gabrielle I would highly recommend your company. The service I received has been amazing from the start so a massive thank you to Gabrielle and recruit4vets for delivering a top class service. 

    Claire Phillips Veterinary Nurse
  • I’ve never used a recruitment agency before and I’m glad I did. Didn’t realise the kind of service I would receive would be so personal and I really appreciated it. Gabby was AMAZING. So friendly and helpful! Thought she was fabulous.

    Jenna Davidson Veterinary Surgeon
  • Great support and kindness of the team, efficiency and fast responses to job requests

    Valeria Mantovani Veterinary Surgeon
  • Good, prompt service, very helpful

    Rachel Booth Veterinary Surgeon
  • Hello Ella
    Thank you for your lovely message. 
    I wanted to thank you for the amazing Nicola. 
    She has been supportive and encouraging and responsive all the way ( and any time: weekends, nights, anytime!). She loves her work and makes you feel like a friend. 
    That is priceless. I feel fortunate to have “met” her! 
    Please make her stop working on Saturday evenings!  :)
    I will definitely recommend vets through you. 
    Your LinkedIn activity is impressive and Nicola’s creativity in presenting the positions is special and fun to have on my daily messages. 
    Expect to hear from me. Thank you for your honest support.

    Theodora Gavriil Clinical Director
  • Very fast feedback, great communication, huge client base.

    Rhys Williams Locum Veterinary Surgeon
  • You have been extremely helpful and efficient in helping me out during my time at this practice.

    Sally Marriott Locum Veterinary Nurse
  • Good communication and speedy at finding work

    Hayley Rich Locum Veterinary Nurse
  • Harry was brilliant at listening to my concerns and has been trying very hard to find me an alternative place for the new year

    Honor Locum Theatre Nurse
  • Very good at keeping both locum and end client happy

    Edward Locum Veterinary Surgeon
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